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The Buddhist World News


The Buddhist World News



- Buddhist Peace Fellowship Statement on the Uprisings in Tibet

- Scientist says Buddhism showed there's life in space

- Taiwan: Religion-affiliated schools offer study in single faith

- Who is the Dalai Lama, and why is he the focus of protests over Tibet?

- Disillusioned Burmese hope monk makes sense of killings  

- Display of solidarity by Himalayan Buddhist community

- Buddhist dog prays for worldly desires

- Berlin temple to attract Germans to Sri Lanka

- World to Watch Vesak in Vietnam

- Buddhist monks won't be punished: Tibet governor

- Dalai Lama says wants time for preparation of 'next life'       

- The Dalai Lama, Morning Ritual

- The Karmapa Lama, First Time Visiting US

- Dalai Lama draws 50,000 to Seattle stadium

- Hoi Khanh Pagoda, a spiritual gem in South Vietnam

- Dalai Lama absent as Vietnam hosts Buddhist festival

- UN declares Thailand as "world centre of Buddhism

- Scientists Document Evidence That Incense Causes Lung Damage

- Tiểu Sử Ðại Lão Hòa Thượng Thích Huyền Quang

- Các Hạt Giống Vô Giá Trong Táng thức

- Thiên Đường Của Tuổi Thơ

- Tibetan Monks Confined During Games

- Tính Tương Tức Mầu Nhiệm Của Các Chủng Tử

- Chất Liệu Nuôi Dưỡng, Trị Liệu Và Chuyển Hoá

- Meditation May Protect Your Brain

- One month of ... Daily 10-minute meditations

- Exhale stress, inhale success

- A very Buddhist Christmas

- Meditation helps calm minds

- Can You Choose Your Reincarnated Successor?

- Buddhist temple built out of one million beer bottles

- Tulsa Buddhist statue proposal advances

- Dalai Lama meets scientists for Mind and Life Dialogues





- Buddhist temple in the heart of Belmont

- Prayer for peace in Tibet said at Buddhist temple in Kalmykia, Russia

- First Buddhist centre in Uganda

- Little Chapel to host Buddhists

- 600 delegates to attend Vesak Buddhist celebration, Vietnam

- Dalai Lama in Delhi for Buddhist discourses

- German group says Buddhist monasteries denied food in Tibet

- Over 1,000 Tibetans Hold Protest March In Toronto

- Fitting home planned for Golden Buddha

- Uttar Pradesh to boast of world's tallest Buddha statue

- Visiting Buddhist nuns seek help for Nepali girls at risk

- Dalai Lama on way to US, Karmapa to follow

- Thich Nhat hanh to return home for UN day of Vesak

- Festival Celebrates Buddha's Birthday

- Days of peace, Hanoi Vietnam

- Spectacular UN Vesak Celebrations Begin in Hanoi

- Ogyen Trinley Dorje: the Next Dalai Lama?

- Scientists Search for Medical Secrets in Himalayas

- Followers pay last respects to Thich Huyen Quang

- Dalai Lama welcome, but is his message so special?

- Ngũ Căn Và Ngũ Lục

- Vietnam's Sangha pledges humanitarian tradition

- Dalai Lama, battling exhaustion, cancels trips

- Dalai Lama discharged from hospital after surgery

- Zen meditation’s benefits for mind

- Bốn Lãnh Vực Của Chánh Niệm

- Bốn Ý Nghĩa Của Niệm

- Reasons to be cheerful

- Buddhists kindle good luck, happiness at new year service

- Money can't buy happiness

- Yale psychiatrist uses Buddhist concept to help smokers quit

- Buddhism may change behavior

- Vegan Buddhist Nuns Have Same Bone Density As Non-vegetarians




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